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Apr 4, 2019

The Sudanese cartoonist reaching out to the world

The Sudanese cartoonist reaching out to the world

"I see my role as that of an ambassador, because I try to tell the world what’s happening in Sudan. Because of my social media following I can reach more people and I can translate what’s happening..."- Khalid Albaih, Khartoon! by KhalidAlbaih

Sudanese cartoonist, Khalid Albaih is probably recognizable to many for his popular illustration of Colin Kaepernick- featuring the social justice activist and former NFL player on one knee with his fro in the shape of the raised fist (a universal symbol of solidarity and protest)- that went viral after filmmaker Spike Lee wore a t-shirt featuring the image. But it's the issues impacting his home country of Sudan and is desire to raise awareness of them that inspire much of his work and artistic activism.

"I do these artworks because I want to start a conversation...to reach the other side...We are trying to reach the governments, we are trying to reach the EU, we are trying to reach the American people to tell them what’s happening...I could do something about America and I get everybody’s attention…and then, I do something that they’ve never heard about, like the protests in Sudan.

For a cartoonist outside of the West, we draw cartoons for different reasons. Yes we provoke, yes we try to start a conversation, but we do it to build bridges.”

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