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Apr 5, 2019

A blend of Niger and Nile music charms Nairobi revellers

A blend of Niger and Nile music charms Nairobi revellers

The Pan African Pentatonic Project is an artistic musical collaboation based around two world-famous musicians: desert blues man Alhousseini Anivolla Anewal from Niger and Girum Mezmur, jazz guitarist from Addis Ababa. Melding the sounds of the Niger and the Nile, the six-men entourage plays music from their roots with traditional instruments like the Ethiopian masinko, the five-stringed krar (similar to the Kenyan nyatiti) and the takadebena (played by Anewal), a rare one-stringed harp from the Niger only played by a few.

Mezmur is the brains behind the pan-African project, which he says is aimed at using the language of music to bridge cultures: “Despite colonial borders that had no room for music, music has remained one of the cultural elements that has kept us connected."

The show in Nairobi was part of a seven-concert series in the project's tour of four African countries: #Kenya, #Djibouti, #Ethiopia, and #Niger.

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